About us

Established in 1993, Casablanca Apparels has evolved to become synonymous with quality. Our Head Office is located in Mumbai (Maharashtra) and our Factory in Tirupur (Tamilnadu) India. Constant backward integration has helped us maintain our product standards, keep our prices in check and ensures timely delivery making us India’s leading manufacturer of Quality Promotional Apparels for the corporate sector.

We offer a wide array of readily available promotional wear in equally variegating options of designs, colours, sizes etc. Perfected in the best production facilities. We believe a client logo on our product is like placing trust, and therefore we believe in providing quality products at competitive prices and above all on time the Casablanca way. No matter the size of your order, we will assist you every step of the way to help promote your unique brand the Casablanca way.

Manufacturers Of T-Shirts In India

India is the second largest producer of cotton in the world thus opening doors to lots of garment manufacturing in India. There is no end to the list of manufacturers of t-shirts in India and of course, Casablanca Apparels is proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of t-shirts in India.

T-shirt manufacturing is a beautiful craft within itself not saying that other garments are not but t-shirts are not basically made for the style but for comfort as a prime factor but have been a fashion statement since ages. Casablanca Apparels takes extreme pride to be manufacturers of t-shirts over 25 years.

Tirupur has been the heart of manufacturing t-shirts in India which is also where our factory is located. Tirupur is known for producing quality products worth to even meet International standards, and Casablanca is proud to be one of them. At our manufacturing of t-shirts factory in India, we have our own in-house unit set up which make good quality of promotional t-shirts, hoodies and high neck jackets from scratch. Our built-in machinery set upstarts manufacturing t-shirts fabric production in various yard counts, GSM to suit our varied range of products. This fabric is dyed to the required colour. The dyeing process which we use is a soft flow dye in which no harsh or harmful chemicals are used, as we make sure that no harm comes to our nature. As all our products are compact pre-shrunk the same process takes place on the fabric, this is a must have the process on cotton tees in a way as cotton natural tendency is to shrink and this process helps to reduce the shrinking process which is expected to International standards. The next stage will be the printing, embroidery or eco-encryption when the branding for confirmed huge quantity orders takes place. In otherwise situations, we even do branding on ready t-shirts which we stock in all ranges at our factory and marketing head office in Mumbai which also has in-house printing and embroidery unit. Coming back to our manufacturing of t-shirts process, after cutting & branding or no branding (the one which are blanks for stock) does for stitching which is also done by machinery in expert supervision. Then these products are ironed and packed and then stocked or dispatched as per order.

We have been manufacturing good quality of promotional t-shirts for our corporate clients and build a great level of trust with successful reviews over the years, having over 5000+ successful clients. At Casablanca, we just don’t manufacture t-shirts but keep on taking it as a challenge to come up with new patterns & styles thus trying to bring out something new all the time, our these efforts are the result that we manufacture t-shirts which we stock in over 48 different colour t-shirts, not only this we do have stock of 54 t-shirts of various combinations thus completing urgent orders within hours time. At Casablanca, we manufacture customized t-shirts as per the client’s requirement and wishes.

Casablanca Apparels also offers brands like Ruffty, Carbon ni and 69 Turtles which over time has become very popular due to quality and styling. Being manufactures of t-shirts in India, Casablanca Apparels has made manufacturing quality t-shirts as per our clients demands and try and offer them new styles to their satisfaction our mission.