Ruffty Solid Collar T-shirt

Ruffty Solid Collar T-shirt

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Our Most Trusted Collar t-shirt Supplier

While t-shirts themselves come in diverse styles, the simplicity of polo t-shirts is one to behold, and no matter how wide the men’s apparel range gets, the trend of wearing these never end. Ensuring trust with two decades of hard work, Casablanca Apparels, one of the world’s best collar t-shirt manufacturers and exporters, presents you with Ruffty solids polo t-shirts!
Here’s how! 

Offering everlasting styles for polo t-shirts

Do you know when was it that the first polo t-shirt hit the market? It was in 1926 when the collar designs became immensely popular because of the innovative and authentic styles. Casablanca Apparels carries the legacy forward by incorporating new technologies into this first-ever polo t-shirt while keeping its essence of it the same throughout. The original cotton polo t-shirt, created in 1926 and one of the few items that have stayed on our shelves since the company’s inception, served as the inspiration for the classic cotton polo t-shirt. We have added a bit of spice to those traditional styles. We’ve added features like efficient water-wicking, comfortable full body movements, all-day freshness, and more using innovative garment manufacturing technologies. And that isn’t all; we at Casablanca Apparels firmly believe that there are things from the past that hold meanings and should never be erased. That’s why we never compromise with the patterns and designs of our premium quality polo shirts. Our t-shirts remain true to their origins and with added features to make them better and unique, as mentioned before. 

A dive into the Ruffty Collar t-shirts’ stitching process

Like their predecessors, Ruffty solids men’s collar t-shirts have a pique knit and are currently offered in over 42 colors. The fabric is made from combed ring-spun cotton and has a little hefty feel with a thickness of 250–260 GSM; it is compacted, pre-shrunk, and color fastness is assured. This garment’s shoulder, sleeves, and bottom hem are double-needle stitched.  
The heavy feel of the t-shirts makes them essentially ideal for corporate events and are ideal for: 
  • Printing a club logo
  • Company or brand logo
  • Embroidering a team name/number
In addition, these branded polo t-shirts are perfect for semi-formal work wear, promotional giveaways, casual wear, and more. 

Why go with Casablanca Apparels?

On any team-building activities in the office or outdoors, presenting tokens of goodwill to a multitude of employees is bound to improve your employee retention rate and increase productivity. However, preparing gifts at that scale can truly be a hassle. We at Casablanca Apparels understand the need for such preparations to be completed in a timely manner at affordable rates. With our Ruffty range polo t-shirts, we bring fashion styles of all kinds to your doorstep, so you can confidently gift or sell apparel. Adding premium raw materials and optimum stitching and manufacturing practices, Casablanca Apparels ensures that all your customer deals and promotional giveaways end with smiles on the faces of people you give or sell these Ruffty polo t-shirts to.

More about Casablanca Apparels 

With Casablanca Apparels’ manufacturing factory located in Tirupur and headquarters in Mumbai, we efficiently manage to handle orders all over the nation. Our business specializes in producing business clothes for significant occasions or advertising campaigns.  Our range of qualities and colors is in ready stock, allowing for last-minute deliveries. We have carefully selected and manufactured a variety of t-shirts with different characteristics for all climatic circumstances and occasions. Our t-shirts come with a lower price point than others in the market, so one-day events for big crowds and promotional freebies need not exceed the allotted budget. While keeping an eye on market trends, we have experimented with new creative endeavours over the years by introducing subdued hues and more modern textiles into our line. By using our clothing, we want to encourage a vibrant office culture and allow individual freedom while upholding established professional standards.