Ruffty Tipping Collar T-shirt

Ruffty Tipping Collar T-shirt

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Casablanca Apparels: Raising the Standards for Collar T-shirts

Although there are many other types of t-shirts, the elegance of polo t-shirts is something to admire. And regardless of how broad the selection of men’s clothing becomes, the popularity of donning these never fades. Casablanca Apparels, among the best-collared t-shirt exporters and manufacturers in the world, gives you Rufty solids polo t-shirts as a result of two decades of diligent labor.

Read on to know about them!

Getting to know Ruffty tipping polo t-shirts. The Ruffty tipping polo t-shirts are just like the Ruffty solid polo t-shirts with a minute difference in tipping designs on the shoulder sleeves, collars, and bottom hem.  Although a minute difference, these designs completely change the overall feel of the polo t-shirts, enhancing them to no end. In addition, the fabric of these t-shirts is 100% pure cotton and has approximately 250-260 GSM thickness making them ideal for casual wear, handouts at events, and more. There are a total of 30 color combinations available with guaranteed color fastness. The t-shirts are slow-flow dyed and are compacted and pre-shrunk. 
They have a pique knit, double-needle stitch on the shoulder, sleeves, and bottom hem. 
Additionally, the t-shirts are ideal for corporate gatherings because of how substantial they feel, and they are also great for:
  • Printing or embroidering a club logo 
  • Printing or embroidering a logo for a business or brand
  • Printing or embroidering a team name or number

What’s good about Casablanca Apparels?

Casablanca Apparels is a Mumbai-based company producing promotional t-shirts for more than 26 years. Each clientele and their brand-specific needs have been met over this time, whether for company events, a product release, or business logos and branding. We have installed new, cutting-edge machinery, concentrated our focus on market research and constantly refined the manufacturing process to get it to its best shape in an attempt to flourish as wholesale T-shirt providers in India. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining our relevance throughout time, building trusting relationships with our clients, and exceeding their expectations. We take exceptional care to design clothes that can be worn throughout the day in offices or when meeting with colleagues. By doing this, we could carve out a niche in the t-shirt manufacturing industry and have since provided only the best services to our customers.

More about Casablanca Apparels           

Headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Casablanca Apparels’ factory is located at Tirupur, and through a comprehensive network spread across all these locations, we make sure to provide timely and quality shipping. We specialize in producing quality t-shirts, but that’s not where our reach ends. We also provide sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, workwear, and more, with most of the apparel readily available for bulk orders.  We keep up with the market trends through comprehensive research on new fashion and styles. In addition, our products are offered at a lower price point while keeping the quality of apparel intact.  Through our clothing available promptly, we aim to help small businesses promote their brand value and let local retailers expand their customer base.