Solo Formali Tipping Polo T-Shirt

Solo Formali Tipping Polo T-Shirt

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Your Most Reliable Supplier of Premium Crew-necked T-Shirts 

The round or crew-neck t-shirt is one of the most popular clothing worn by men worldwide. People of all ages favor this one of the most straightforward yet stylish t-shirt designs as their top option. A simple round-neck t-shirt has a certain allure, and Casablanca Apparels enhances that charm by adding various features to the simplistic designs. Not only can wearers enjoy efficient, water-wicking fabrics, but features like proper fabric thickness, color fastness, and more make them more attractive. 

A look at the stitching of Casablanca Apparels crew-necked t-shirts

The best crew neck t-shirts from Casablanca Apparels are like canvases for their wearers to express themselves. Being the biggest producer of high-quality promotional clothing in India, Casablanca Apparels believes that a plain round-neck t-shirt says a lot about the wearer.  It has a classic simplicity, but we also think people shouldn’t hold back if they want to express themselves. You may not be aware of these properties, but you desire them in every cotton round-neck t-shirt, which is those of the ultra-cotton t-shirt:
  • A 2% lycra rib to prevent the neck from wrinkling even after numerous washes
  • 100% ring-spun cotton fabric
  • Pre-shrunk and compacted
  • Colorfastness assured
  • Double hem needle stitch at the bottom, shoulder, sleeves, and cuffs
  • Anti-pilling
The super cotton t-shirt is now offered in eighteen eye-catching hues with an aproximate GSM of 180
In addition, the t-shirt is perfect for:
  • College students to wear daily
  • Road displays where the wearer is always moving around
  • Widespread advertising of company with personalized logo printing
  • To embroider a team name and number or print a club emblem on clothing for corporate sporting activities.

Why should you choose Casablanca Apparels?

Giving away gifts to employees during team-building exercises boosts productivity and promotes employee retention. But arranging gifts on a large scale can be a real pain. At Casablanca Apparels, we recognize the importance of timely, cost-effective completion of such preparations. Therefore, we deliver a variety of fashion trends to your home with our Ruffty range of crew-necked t-shirts so you may confidently give or sell clothing. Casablanca Apparels ensures that all of your customer deals and promotional giveaways result in smiles on the faces of the people you offer or sell these Ruffty crew-necked t-shirts to by combining superior raw materials with perfect stitching and production processes.

More info on Casablanca Apparels 

With Casablanca Apparels’ manufacturing facility in Tirupur and its corporate office in Mumbai, we can successfully handle orders from around the country. Our company specialises in creating professional attire for important events or marketing initiatives. We have ready stock of our variety of quality and colors, enabling last-minute deliveries. We have thoughtfully chosen and created a variety of t-shirts with various features for all climatic conditions and situations. Our t-shirts are more affordable than those on the market, so one-day events with large audiences and promotional giveaways do not need to cost more than the allocated amount. Over the years, we have experimented with new creative efforts while keeping an eye on market trends, adding subdued hues and more contemporary textiles to our portfolio. We wish to support a lively workplace culture, allow for individual independence, and preserve established professional standards via the way we present ourselves.