Carbon ni Tipping Collar T-shirt

Carbon ni Tipping Collar T-shirt

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Casablanca Apparels: Polo T-shirts of the Highest Quality from the Most Trusted Company

T-shirts have long been a staple of men’s clothing, and for a good reason—no other article can compare to the comfort and style that t-shirts offer. Due to their variety of professional and informal wearability, polo t-shirts have always been a favourite among other t-shirts. They are appropriate for both social gatherings with friends and work-related activities. One of the most reputable t-shirt producers, Casablanca Apparels, is aware of the potential earnings that t-shirt retailers can make from these. Polo t-shirts are not only great buys, but they are also perfect freebies to raise brand awareness. We, therefore, provide you with Carbon ni tipping polo t-shirts to ensure the success of your retail promotions and gifts.

A glimpse at Casablanca Apparels’ Carbon ni tipping t-shirts

The Carbon ni tipping t-shirts from Casablanca Apparels have a vintage vibe. These t-shirts preserve the legacy of the past while fully satisfying the demands of the current generation. The first polo t-shirt inspired them, invented in 1926. Our t-shirts include various features like adequate water wicking to make them incredibly absorbent, pure cotton to guarantee 100% comfort and more. All of the characteristics included in Casablanca Apparels’ Carbon ni tipping t-shirts are listed below:

  • 220 – 230 GSM
  • 100% combed ring-spun cotton
  • Pique knit
  • Pre-shrunk and compacted
  • shoulders, sleeves, and bottom hem are all double-needle stitched
  • Three-button placket with coordinating bottom and buttons coloured in colour
  • The colourfastness of soft-flow dyes is assured
  • Bands, in contrast, on the collar and cuffs
  • Jacquard side slit tape contrasts with the neck tape

These qualities make these t-shirts ideal for pursuits like:

  • Regular college attire
  • Road displays
  • Advertising displays
  • Printing or embroidering different logos

Why should you choose Casablanca Apparels?

If you’ve managed a company or worked in retail for a while, you must be aware that experience and trust are two factors that are crucial to any business agreement. You would not want to go to and trust a newbie with your money. Similarly, you wouldn’t purchase anything from a store that seemed sketchy. It is here that Casablanca Apparels triumphs in the match. Over their more than 20 years in the apparel manufacturing business, the company has focused on developing two things: experience and trust. Casablanca Apparels has dealt with thousands of people, giving them the experience and assurance that they can handle all orders quickly.

Furthermore, completing these transactions has ensured that no one in the industry will have a negative opinion of this company, regardless of whom you ask. What makes Casablanca Apparels your best option, then? The confidence they provide with the clothing you choose to purchase results from years of labour.

Recognising Casablanca Apparels as a trustworthy t-shirt producer

With 26 years of expertise in the business, Casablanca Apparels is a renowned garment manufacturing company. With offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi, they do business from their corporate office in Mumbai. Orders are processed from all around India at their Tirupur-based plant. The company produces clothing, mainly t-shirts with collars, v-neck t-shirts, and sweatshirts in various materials and designs. Their entire line of items is offered in unique sizes and hues. And don’t worry if there were any issues with the promotional items or retail clothing you ordered for gifts or sales; Casablanca Apparels manages even last-minute deliveries to guarantee all customers are pleased.