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Wild Horn Collar T-shirt

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 A Meeting point of Excellence and Comfort

No matter the century, women’s clothing designs have always been diverse. But as alluring as these designs get, comfort fashion is one trend that has ceased to exist. Well, who doesn’t like full body movement without needing to adjust the clothing every other second?  The same is offered in Casablanca Apparels range of Jacquard collar women’s t-shirts. And not just that, the t-shirts have been infused with diverse comfort features, keeping their rates affordable and making them perfect for all business giveaways and retail sales. 

Discovering Jacquard collar women’s t-shirts

Italian-designed Jacquard collar women’s t-shirts are functional and fashionable since they are the ideal blend of casual and formal attire. This polo’s construction from breathable, luxurious combed cotton fabric guarantees that you stay cool and comfortable all day. These t-shirts are perfect for casual wear, giveaways at events, and more because their fabric is 100% pure cotton and has a thickness of about 250-260 GSM. With guaranteed color fastness, 12 different color combinations are offered. The t-shirts are pre-shrunk, compacted, and slow-flow dyed, and three button packets coordinating the buttons and bottom of the t-shirts are also offered. Double-needle stitching is visible on the shoulder, sleeves, and bottom hem, featuring a breathable knit. The t-shirts are particularly fantastic because of how substantial they feel for corporate occasions, and they are also great for:
  • Adding a club logo through embroidery or printing
  • A business or brand’s emblem being printed or embroidered
  • Adding a team name or number by printing or embroidery

Why choose Casablanca Apparels?

Do you know the most important thing required in all business dealings? It’s trust and experience. Casablanca Apparels has been in business for more than two decades now, and during this time, the two things that we’ve gathered through the end number of dealings with clients across India are trust and experience. We know the ins and outs of the clothing industry. We know what’s expected of us and are well aware of how to meet those expectations and go beyond them. As mentioned above, we already provide the best deals to small businesses for their company giveaways and local retailers for their profitable sales. The most important fact of our dealings is each of our pieces in the bulk order you purchase from us, not a single one is damaged or defective. We have the legacy of the past and the innovation of the present, which sets us apart from the others in the market. 

Read on to know more about us. 

Delving deeper into Casablanca Apparels. Casablanca Apparels has its corporate headquarters in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore offices and a Tirupur factory. By utilising a wide-ranging network spread over all these places, we ensure that we give prompt and high-quality shipping. Our reach extends beyond the high-quality t-shirts we produce as a specialty. Most of the clothing is readily available for buck orders, and we also provide sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, workwear, and more. We thoroughly study new fashion and styles and stay on top of market trends. In addition, our products are sold for less while maintaining the same level of garment quality. We hope to assist small businesses in enhancing the value of their brand through the prompt delivery of clothing and to enable neighbourhood merchants to increase their clientele.