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Fight the Freezing Winters with Ruffty Body Warmers

Without a body warmer or gilet, no outdoor outfit is complete. These trendy, lightweight, and on-trend sleeveless jackets provide an additional layer of protection while also being extremely versatile.

A body warmer is a type of sleeveless jacket that looks like a gilet, with the advantage that it typically has more padding to keep you extra warm. 

Their primary function is to protect the wearer’s upper body from the elements so they can enjoy the outdoors in the coziest and most comfortable way possible. 

The Ruffty lightweight body-warmer jacket is cherished for both its excellence and affordability. 

This jacket comes in various colors and is made of 100% DWR (durable weather-repellent) nylon with a polyester lining. Between the two layers of the jacket is stitched-through padding made of polyester quilting to keep you warm. 

The details of the bodywarmer are:

  • The jacket contains stitch-through padding made of polyester quilting between its two layers to keep you warm. 
  • These material pockets serve as insulation to hold air in place. Thus, keeping the air confined guarantees, you stay warm even in the coldest conditions. 
  • This jacket comes in five different color variants and is made of 100% DWR (durable weather repellent), nylon as the outer shell, and polyester as the inner lining. 
  • The cloth is 60 GSM and is used both inside and out. 
  • Along with having a front zip and two sides open pockets, the body warmer also has a comfy fit. 
  • The body warmers can also be branded with embroidery, printing, and eco-encryption.

They are designed to give the wearer more mobility, allowing them to participate in outdoor activities without being constrained by traditional jackets. 

Their cushioned design makes them particularly suitable for outdoor activities in colder climates, which adds another layer of warmth to improve your outdoor comfort!

What makes Ruffty Body Warmers Good?

Ruffty body warmers by Casablanca Apparels contain 100% polyester fabric padding and function much like a comforter for your bed. The body warmer is typically built with a strong emphasis on warmth in a puff and padded style.

In addition, as mentioned previously, body warmers by Casablanca Apparels can be used in outdoor hobbies requiring physical effort or dexterity, such as fishing, cycling, or shooting. 

Since wearing thick, long padded sleeves may limit your range of motion, these bodywarmers are designed without sleeves. Without limiting your arms, it adds additional warmth and allows wearers to carry everything they may need to carry comfortably.

Casablanca Apparels introduced more contemporary fabrics and subdued colors to our clothing throughout time, which has empowered us to explore original creative concepts while keeping an eye on current fashion trends.

The manufacturing and supply processes are always being improved at Casablanca Apparels to make the entire process easy, convenient, and trouble-free for you.

Why Choose Casablanca Apparels?

Casablanca Apparels maintains a plant in Tirupur and a corporate headquarters in Mumbai, and our offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Additionally, we handle orders from all around India and guarantee same-day delivery in some places.

The time when wearing muted hues to the office was appropriate is long gone. With Casablanca’s assistance, ride the new wave of fashion. Let us assist you in joining the most admired, cozy, and sought-after brand.

The finest strength of Casablanca’s expertise is that we have combined affordable price, comfort, and quality into one with an irresistible design.

We offer you an exclusive selection of comfortable and exclusive bodywarmers of the best caliber at cost-effective prices.