Ruffty Sports Collar T-shirt

Ruffty Sports Collar T-shirt

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Ensuring Quality With Affordability On Premium Collar T-shirts

Polo t-shirts have always been popular among men. The comfort with fashionable styles will always be unmatched no matter how diverse men’s apparel gets. Casablanca Apparels, therefore, introduces sports polo t-shirts by Ruffty to diversify the wearer’s outdoor gaming apparel. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Polo t-shirt designs with timeless appeal

You must be aware of when the actual polo t-shirt fad initially started. It was in 1926 that the first polo t-shirt got introduced to the men’s wardrobe section, and since then, the innovative design has seen no end. That original polo t-shirt is the inspiration for Casablanca Apparels’ Ruffty sports polo shirt with an added hint of spice. These t-shirts have various features added to them that preserve their original design while improving the wearer’s experience. So, if you give or sell someone one of these t-shirts, all they will have to say about you is how great you are. With these, you can use these t-shirts to grow your consumer base or build your brand’s reputation.

An exploration of the specifications of Ruffty Sports Collar T-shirts

The t-shirts are perfect for corporate gatherings because of how substantial they feel, and they are also great for printing or embroidering a club, business, or brand logo or a team name or number. Here are some specifications of the Ruffty sports polo t-shirts.
  • Fabric thickness: 220-230 gsm approx
  • Inner fabric: 100% pure cotton
  • Outer fabric: 100% pure polyester
  • Garment: Compacted and pre-shrunk, compressed
  • Guaranteed color fastness
  • Side slits on the bottom hem
  • Shoulder, sleeves, bottom, and cuffs with double needle stitch
  • Three matching button packets with the bottom box stitch’s color
As mentioned, the Ruffty sports t-shirts have 100% cotton inside, enabling good sweat absorption, and 100% polyester outside that retains shape well to let wearers stay fashionable no matter how tough the play gets. In retrospect, these branded polo t-shirts are ideal for regular sales, handouts at events, and more.

Why pick Casablanca Apparels?

Now that was all about the Ruffty sports polo t-shirts, but given manufacturers’ huge variety of sports t-shirts, why should normal retailers or small businesses trust Casablanca Apparels? Well, the answer to that is the immense amount of experience Casablanca has with manufacturing t-shirts. Casablanca Apparels has been a prominent t-shirt manufacturer for 26 years and continues to be the best in the market. We specialize in providing products in bulk with a special emphasis on regulating quality while keeping prices reasonable. Our products are catered for promotional giveaways during team-building exercises or normal retail or wholesale selling.

Getting to know deeper about Casablanca Apparels

In addition to its offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, Casablanca Apparels also maintains a factory in Tirupur and a corporate headquarters in Mumbai. Over time, we’ve added more modern fabrics and subdued tones to our apparel, which has given us the freedom to pursue fresh creative ideas while keeping an eye on prevailing fashion trends. Same-day shipment is possible since even our best-selling products and colors are always available. Casablanca Apparels guarantees that all customer deals and promotional gifts result in the recipients of these Ruffty polo t-shirts grinning due to the use of premium raw materials, the best stitching, and the best manufacturing procedures.