Ruffty Half Sleeve Lab Coat

Ruffty Half Sleeve Lab Coat

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Manage those Stubborn Stains with Dust Coats by Casablanca Apparels

The use of lab coats or dust jackets is crucial for working professionals in industries like healthcare, medicine, or science. 

Given the demanding circumstances in which these professionals work and the nature of their tasks, work attire must be as comfortable as possible to avoid interfering with daily duties. 

The Casablanca half-sleeve dust coat is a professional overcoat/smock that is knee-length and made of high-quality fabric appropriate for various work situations and professions.

In addition, Casablanca Apparels has incorporated versatile features into their dust coats to make them even better. Keep reading to know about them:

Best Building Materials 

Casablanca Apparels is a company that strives to work for its customers and the environment. 

And therefore, dust coats from Casablanca Apparels are made of 100% polyester viscose and come with a cloth thickness of 150 GSM making them appropriate for all working conditions. 

In addition, the raw materials and building practices by Casablanca Apparels are completely eco-friendly so that environment enthusiasts can remain stress-free and comfortable.

Wide Range of Colors

Previously, lab coats and dust coats mostly came in white colors since that used to be the color choice for various science and health professionals. 

But white is also a color that does nothing to hide the dust and stains that might be on it. 

That’s why Casablanca Apparels has taken it upon itself to provide dust coats in a wide variety of colors, including dark hues like red, true blue, and navy blue; let wearers be free from any stain-related stress! 

Best Stitching Practices

Casablanca Apparels provides dust coats with full and half sleeves so wearers can choose to wear them accordingly to the weather. 

In addition, the half-sleeve dust coats have slits on the back of the sleeves to provide complete ease of movement. 

Logo Printing Options

As mentioned, dust coats by Casablanca Apparels with the best raw materials allow companies to print any company logo they might want effortlessly.

Companies have three printing options available, including:

  • Embroidery
  • Ink prints
  • Eco-encryption 

Why pick Casablanca Apparels as your Supplier of Dust Coats?

Casablanca Apparels has the best manufacturing environment and best-in-class equipment for building the greatest dust coats for both men and women.

To assist you in obtaining the best collection of lab coats, we ensure that the top specialists choose the product designs and raw materials to produce the superb fabric finish, and we thoroughly examine every product before providing it to your businesses.

Casablanca Apparels is committed to providing incredible discounts and an authentic selection of dust coats for our associate shops and wholesalers.

What else does Casablanca Apparels Offer?

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The added benefit of dealing with Casablanca Apparels is that we have ready stock on hand, enabling us to quickly fulfill your order requirement. Any skin type can wear our versatile selection of dust coats which are perfect for all climatic circumstances.

Our flexible and faultless supply chain network guarantees same-day delivery to various locations around the nation and aids you in deftly meeting consumer expectations.

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