Customised T-shirts

The value of a product is instantly augmented if it is personalised or custom-made for the purpose of personal use or to symbolise a shared social or communal value as it creates a sense of unity among those who possess it. And here at Casablanca Apparels we offer a variety of printing techniques best suited to your requirements. This article details the types of printing options available and why custom t-shirt printing gives you an edge over other items used for brand promotion.

So why T-shirts?

Customised Printed Round Neck or Polo t-shirts are widely used for the purposes of promotion and branding. This is in large part due to its universal appeal amongst people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. A T-shirt is like a canvas and when used creatively it naturally attracts a lot of attention as people are most likely to notice your t-shirt in comparison to any other personal item you may carry around like a pen or keychain.

A t-shirt is one of the most effective ways of showcasing one’s ideas and personality through quirky prints, captivating quotes and even one’s aesthetic preferences. When advertising one’s brand with the help of a customised t-shirt, the quality of the t-shirt used is instrumental in adding or subtracting the brand value itself. One must therefore be cautious when selecting the quality of t-shirts being used in representing a brand name or using t-shirts as a marketing strategy for large corporate gatherings.

At Casablanca we offer a plethora of printing options but these vary based on the material and colour of the garment. Detailed below are some of the methodsused for t-shirt printing in India.

White or Light colour Garments:  Pigment Printing and Plastic Printing (Both water based methods of printing) are ideal for Light or White colour garments. Lazor/Digital opaque printing is one of the best techniques used to print within a few hours and is most often used for single day events.

100% Polyester Garments: Sublimation Printing can only be done on polyester garments and the colours turn out to look quite vibrant on the fabric. An added advantage is that there are no development costs that other methods of printing entail. Thus, sublimation printing makes for a budget-friendly printing option, especially for mass promotions.

Dark Garments: Lazor/Digital printing on dark garments can also be done for smaller quantities. Geometrical shapes can be reproduced with this method, though it may not be cost effective for larger quantities. White Opaque water base Printing is another age old method used to print on dark garments. Locally termed as Khadi Printing, this technique has poor opacity but one of the perks of this method is that the print can be ironed upon.

In addition to these, Litho Transfer Printing (Sticker Printing) is used to print halftone designs whilst proving to be economical in bulk production. Among some other methods are Direct to Garment (DTG Printing), Rubberised printing, Foil Printing and Discharge Printing.

A key area of focus should be the customisation itself. Complaints that people tend to have in relation to printing is first and foremost to do with the peeling off of the print. This is the result of incorrect printing techniques or stickers of inferior quality. The best way to cut your losses when dealing with T-shirt suppliers in Mumbai is to educate yourself on t-shirt qualities and printing options before you bulk order t-shirts.Thus, if you’re looking for customised t-shirts online in India, hop on to the official Casablanca Apparels website for more information on the same.