The Attire of The Sporting World

Numerous sports captivate millions of sportsmen and sportswomen around the world on a daily basis. In addition, different sports use different fabric materials which are staged by these sport star for the whole world to witness.

Sports like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball etc use 'Polyester' as the base fabric for their respective sports jersey. Polyester has very strong fibers that provides durability both on and off the field, because, of its great insulation capability. Often regarded as a “No Maintenance”  material, Polyester” quickly dries off by its moisture wicking property. The jerseys worn can be easily dried and washed off. Apart from this, there is absolutely no need to iron out apparels made out of these fibers. A t-shirt can be used for customised designs that can be fulfilled extensively with the use of sublime printing as well.

A ‘Gentleman's game’ played with grand manners and proper attire - Golf, has tremendously popularised ‘Polo T-shirts’ since the past few decades. These golf polos are considered as one of the few products that has actually being commercialised in the retail sector from the sporting sector. These premium quality polo t-shirt offers shrinkage resistance and provides excellent stretch ability. In this way, flexibility and durability of a polo t-shirt is ensured during the gameplay. It also ensures natural shine with smooth, a soft and luxurious touch to it.   Besides Polyester, fibers of modal and lycra blended together with other fibers proves into being an ideal partner for the body conscious clothing of the sportsperson wearing it.

The sporting attires have created a new array of commercialised products for not just the sports followers to use but also for the general masses to wear and put the same to use.