The Greatest Promotional and Gifting Idea of the 21st Century

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of gifting ideas that have come into fashion and faded away is countless, all except one idea. The T-SHIRT is by far the greatest gifting idea of the 21st century and will continue to remain so.

Research has shown that 76.1% of consumers given a promotional item could recollect the brand name of a company while only 27% remembered an online ad. A T-shirt with a logo on it does the job of a tireless salesman, only more effectively. While t-shirts may cost more per unit in comparison to Internet Marketing or online ads/print ads, the chances of your business taking off or being recognised are way higher when you give away gifts. Statistics show that garments constitute to 40% of all promotional businesses in the US. And so who doesn’t love a well made a free t-shirt? The consumers who choose to wear the t-shirt then help further your brand name and visibility.

What is a T-SHIRT? It is not just a piece of clothing that seven billion people wear on a daily a basis, but it is far more than that. When you pick up a T-SHIRT, there are several things that you take into consideration, the size, the fit, the styling, the branding of logos and the colour. All of these aspects contribute to the T-SHIRT and work collectively. To put it in the most cliched way, you can say that the T-SHIRT is a canvas and one is free to paint to their heart's content on it. The T-SHIRT is the only product that is available in every imaginable colour possible and so when I say it is a canvas it genuinely is. When picking out a T-SHIRT we notice that genuine thought goes into the process of selection, you don’t just pick up a T-SHIRT without looking at all the aspects of it for it is to be your canvas for the promotion of your brand.