Are Low Quality T-shirts Really Worth It?

When you are promoting your brand/company you want to create a lasting impression on your target audience and to do so one requires a platform that enables you to create the desired impression. Usually when one thinks of promoting one’s company/brand on a t-shirt they tend to be on a budget and so often companies opt for t-shirts of a lower quality in order to stay within the budget. The low quality reflects shabby tailoring and unclean lines and thus creates a bad impression. Now the t-shirt maybe for a one-day event or a weeklong function but, at the end of the day the people who have received the t-shirts will be reusing it post the event as well. This is when the true promotion really begins !

At the event the t-shirt is a fresh unwashed garment which is worn but, depending on the post wash look of the t-shirt will the person decide to wear the garment again. Low quality t-shirts tend to bleed colour whereby, staining other garments they have been washed with. Post wash if the t-shirt shrinks and goes out of shape is also another deterrent which is a major let down. If the t-shirt is off a higher quality, people will want to wear it more often as it looks smart and allows them to stand out from the crowd. A higher quality t-shirt may be more expensive, but it gives your brand the platform it deserves and more the people wear the t-shirt there is a greater chance of them remembering where it came from. A higher quality t-shirt also shows that the company cares about their image and does not want to be associated with low quality products and/or services.

And finally we come to the comfort principle is simple: spend your money where you spend most of your time. This principle is highly applicable on clothing as they are worn 24/7 by everyone. This is the reason, it’s better to spend a good amount  on clothes that yields more utility over the time.  Buying a less expensive t-shirt to satisfy more daily utility makes the life of the product, it’s durability and colour fastness be at stake.