Why Do T-shirts Fade

1. Manufacturer Compromising on Process : Realizing that GSM is one of the main parameters in comparing quotations, some manufacturers skip an entire process. Ideally after the grey fabric (raw fabric) is knitted, it is semi-bleached -a process known as RFD (ready for dyeing) and then dyed. Bleaching reduces the GSM (thickness) of the fabric thus making it lighter. For instance, a 220gsm fabric will almost become a 250 gsm if this process is skipped. Nevertheless, if the process of RFD is ignored, you will notice in a couple of washes that t-shirt will fade and lose its sheen. 2. Low Qualities of Dyes Used: Another reason for garments to fade. Only to reduce the price of a product manufactures use low-quality dyes or sometimes reduce upon the minimum process time required for dyeing. The colour of the fabric may not bleed when washed in water. Nevertheless, the moment it is washed with detergent the colour starts to bleed causing the t-shirt to fade. 3. Use of Strong Detergents: A detergent cannot differentiate between a colour and a stain; it tries to bleach the colour of the garment, causing it to fade rapidly. One should avoid using detergents that stake claim only of whiteness. 4. Drying t-shirts in Direct Sunlight: Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and it is this that causes colours to fade. During summer there is a lot more UV radiation than in Winter. UV radiation + H2O (Water) to works as a bleaching agent. 5. Exposure to Sunlight: Being out in the sun too causes the garments to fade. This is a natural phenomenon, and nothing much can be done to prevent it. Reducing the Fading of T-shirts: While you cannot do much to stop a t-shirt from fading the following steps may help reduce it. 1.     Use good quality detergents that do not stake claims only of whiteness. 2.     Do not dry the garment out for longer than required. During summer months t-shirts should usually dry in an hour. 3.     Turn the clothes inside out while drying, any fading that may occur will happen on the, inside of the t-shirt. 4.     Add a cup of vinegar when washing your laundry. It prevents the garments from fading. Also, it keeps the garments soft and prevents it from smelling. 5.     Dry the garment in the shade or if you have clothesline then keep white colour garments on the side directly exposed to the sun and the dark garments on the inner lines. Finally, the best way to safeguard from procuring a poorly manufactured product for your brand promotion is to ask for a sample and use it. If the same looks good after a few washes then you could safely purchase it, after all, it is carrying the image of your brand.