Ruffty X Collar T-shirt

Ruffty X Collar T-shirt

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Keeping the Tradition of Making Customers Happy Alive

T-shirts are a strikingly elegant clothing style, and no matter however many alternatives there are for men’s wear, their trend would never go away. This is true even though men’s clothing itself comes in a variety of styles. After 20 years of dedicated work, Casablanca Apparels, one of the top collar t-shirt manufacturers and exporters in the world, presents you Ruffty X men’s collar t-shirts as a guarantee of your trust! The t-shirts include a range of comfort features and the manufacturers have kept their prices cheap, making them perfect for all corporate giveaways and retail sales. 

A look at the Ruffty X t-shirt stitching by Casablanca Apparels

The crucial thing to bear in mind is that Ruffty X t-shirts by Casablanca Apparels have a variety of unique elements added to them, maintaining their original design while enhancing the wearer’s experience. The fabric of this item is combed ring-spun cotton, and the bottom hem, sleeves, and shoulders are all double-stitched. The t-shirts also ensure colour fastness, are compacted and pre-shrunk, and have a thickness of roughly (X). The t-shirts’ thick thickness makes them appropriate for corporate sporting events, and they are ideal for printing a club emblem, a company logo, or a team name and number. These branded t-shirts are also great for everyday wear, giveaways at events, business casual, and other occasions. This means that when you give or sell these t-shirts to someone, all they will have to say about you is positive feedback. This makes these t-shirts perfect for both, whether you want to increase your client base or boost your brand’s reputation.

What makes Casablanca Apparels a good choice?

The months are passing by quickly, and the holiday gifting season is quickly approaching. It is more crucial than ever to let your team members and clients know how much you value and appreciate everything they do. Casablanca Apparel makes this easy. Casablanca Apparel offers a variety of high-quality collar t-shirts so you don’t have to stress about what to buy or how to prepare all the presents or goods for sale. With Casablanca Apparels, selling or giving as a present has never been simpler thanks to exceptional raw materials, ideal sewing, and good manufacturing procedures. Casablanca Apparels guarantees that all of your business dealings with customers and giveaways will result in smiles—one that won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

Additional information on Casablanca Apparels

With its corporate office in Mumbai and its manufacturing facility in Tirupur, Casablanca Apparels also runs out of its offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. We ensure that all of our orders are handled swiftly and effectively across the country by coordinating operations across all of these locations. Our t-shirts are less expensive than those of our rivals, making it unnecessary for one-day events with lots of attendees, promotional freebies, wholesale purchases, and retail purchases to exceed the budgeted amount. Over time, we have introduced softer colours and more modern fabrics into our apparel, allowing us to explore fresh creative ideas while keeping an eye on prevailing fashion trends. Same-day shipment is possible since even our best-selling products and colours are always available. Therefore, Casablanca Apparels is the place to go if you need to dazzle your customers with new fashionable designs or have an urgent need to bulk purchase appropriate promotional giveaways.